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Our vision

The Society of Women Engineers was established in 1950 as a not-for-profit educational and service organization. The goal of SWE is to “stimulate women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, demonstrate the value of diversity".

Our mission is to promote the image and success of women in engineering both internal and external to SWE, by providing resources for personal and professional development and a community that advocates diversity and awareness.

We strive for the creation of a global community where women and men have equal professional and social opportunities generated by society. Female engineers will no longer identify themselves as female engineers, but instead, as engineers.

Meet Our Exec Team

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nicole tom

[email protected]
Nicole Tom, Class of 2017

Major: Chemical/Biomedical Eng.

Outside Interests: Running, outdoor activities, and reading
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alisandra welch

Vice President
[email protected]
Alisandra Welch, Class of 2018

Major: Chemical Eng.

Outside Interests: Baking, Tennis, and Antiquing
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Wei Mon Lu

[email protected]
Wei Mon Lu, Class of 2017

Major: Chemical Eng.

Outside Interests:
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Jacqueline Puschmann

[email protected]
Jacqueline Puschmann, Class of 2018


Outside Interests: Greek Life and reading

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