Professional Etiquette Series 2015

CMU SWE just hosted our spring Professional Etiquette Series, a group of events planned to further our members’ professional skills. We had events focused on dressing professionally, having a polished makeup look for work, and dining with proper etiquette.

1. Professional Dress with Banana Republic

Two representatives from Banana Republic in the nearby neighborhood of Shadyside came to campus to explain how to dress professionally. Members of SWE modeled outfits while the representatives explained the dos and don’ts of dressing for work.

2. Professional Makeup with Sephora

Two representatives from Sephora did a demonstration on what kind of makeup looks are appropriate for a professional environment. One representative explained how to apply the makeup while the other was her model to show off the looks. A complete makeover and large makeup kit was raffled off to one of our members as well!

3. Annual Etiquette Dinner

Joe Rudman from the Physics Department at CMU narrated an etiquette dinner so SWE members could learn proper mannerisms to enact when dining professionally. Students enjoyed a catered dinner while following Mr. Rudman’s instructions.


Sarah Robb and Katie Lin modeling Banana Republic clothing at the professional dress event

Materials handed out to SWE members from Sephora at the professional makeup event.

Materials handed out to SWE members from Sephora at the professional makeup event.


The opportunity to develop professional skills is valuable to college students, so we’re happy to have hosted these events.

Region G Conference 2015

Nineteen members of CMU SWE attended the Society’s Region G Conference at West Virginia University from February 6-8. Attendees were able to network, attend professional development sessions, walk through a career fair, and attend an awards banquet. CMU SWE won two awards at the banquet this year, the Region G Achieving Collegiate Section Gold Award and the Aspiring Programming Award for Professional Development. This is the third year in a row that CMU SWE has won the Gold Award, and we’re excited that we won the Programming Award for our work to put on the Technical Opportunities Conference (TOC). One of our graduate members, Tabitha Voytek, was also recognized for winning the rapid fire research competition and being a societal member for 10 years.


All 19 members of CMU SWE that attended Region G Conference posing with our awards.



All CMU conference attendees that are graduating in May with their senior recognition flowers.

Middle School Day 2015

CMU SWE’s annual Middle School Day will take place on Friday, March 6, 2015. Registration info will be published here in the coming weeks.

For the time being, email [email protected] with any inquiries for information or questions.

Dolly Hsu and Nicole Tom
2015 Middle School Day Co-Chairs